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Cleveland Browns Hire Hue Jackson As Next Head Coach

The search is over already -- Hue Jackson is the 16th full-time head coach of the Cleveland Browns.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

According to reports by ESPN's Adam Schefter, the Cleveland Browns are close to finalizing a deal to bring in Hue Jackson as their next head coach.

As recently as this morning, most people still believed Jackson would take an interview with the Giants before deciding where he wanted to coach, but it seems the Browns were able to close the deal before he got on a plane to New York. This news is a bit of a surprise, as last night it was reported that the Browns hadn't made up their minds yet.

Jackson was a hot coaching candidate this season after spending the past few seasons on the Bengals staff, culminating in a successful year as offensive coordinator in 2015. Jackson has previous head coaching experience, having held the position for the Oakland Raiders for one season, when the team went 8-8.