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Johnny Manziel Done in Cleveland? Reports Say Hue Jackson Told Browns He Preferred to Move On From Troubled QB

Is Manziel done in Cleveland, thanks to Hue Jackson not wanting to tolerate his antics?

Jason Miller/Getty Images

"Let him be somebody else's problem."

It sounds like that is the approach that the Cleveland Browns are going to take that approach with QB Johnny Manziel, who has betrayed the organization's trust one-too-many-times. His future with the club was already in doubt, but now that Hue Jackson is on board as the team's head coach, it sounds like part of his negotiations with the club included a promise to move on from the troubled quarterback. The following comes from ESPN:

According to a source close to the situation, the topic of Manziel was discussed at length in meetings between Jackson and Browns ownership. In those discussions, Jackson indicated that he would prefer the organization move on from Manziel if he were to become coach, and he was told that would not be a problem.

FOX Sports also corroborated the report:

Manziel is entering the third year of his four-year rookie deal. If the Browns opted to cut him this offseason, he will have $4,333,487 count as dead money against the cap. There is no rush in particular to cut him, unless the club wants to make an immediate statement. They might opt to hold him until the draft, where they can see if they can milk all-they-can-get from the Cowboys for him.

On a personal level, I'm still upset that Manziel hasn't worked out for Cleveland. He made significant strides this past season with his on-field performances, but Jackson is an innovator on offense and can succeed with almost any quarterback you give him, minus the off-the-field distractions.