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Reactions to Browns' Hire of Hue Jackson

Hue Jackson is the Browns' new head coach, and fans couldn't be happier.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Browns got their man.

Earlier this afternoon, the club announced the hire of Hue Jackson, former Bengals offensive coordinator and Raiders head coach. Twitter exploded at the news.

And the reactions? Overwhelmingly positive.

National and local media, players, and fans all voiced their approval for the move.

The most important characters in this story -- the players -- wholeheartedly approve of the move, as Jackson is known as a player's coach.

Current Bengal offensive lineman Andrew Whitworth and former Bengal safety Artrell Hawkins, Jr. also voiced his approval for his former coach.

Respected national media members called the hire a smart move.

And fans, often the most difficult to please (and rightly so, judging by the team's ineptitude since 1999), nearly unanimously applauded the decision.

Even a prominent local T-shirt company is onboard.

It's difficult not to like the hire of Hue Jackson.

I certainly have my doubts, such as Jackson's commitment to the club's new philosophy and dedication to analytics. Jackson is a good coach, but will he play nice with the rest of the front office? For now, though, I'm willing to give Hue the benefit of the doubt.

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