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Gosselin: Browns Rank 19th in Cumulative Special Teams Rankings

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Every year, Rick Gosselin of the Dallas Morning News puts together composite special teams rankings. He compiles the rankings by looking at 22 special teams categories, and where the team ranks from 1st to 32nd. The composite score then forms the final ranking.

The Cleveland Browns retained special teams coordinator Chris Tabor this past week, as he'll now be with his fourth coaching regime, having survived all of them. Gosselin's rankings have the Browns at 19th in the NFL for 2015, with a cumulative score of 362. For perspective, the 1st-ranked team is the Ravens at 231, and the 32nd-ranked team is the Chargers at 490.5.

We couldn't find rankings for all of the 22 categories, but here is as complete of a list we could come up with for the Browns:

  1. Kickoff Returns: 6th (25.4 yards per return)
  2. Punt Returns: 4th (11.2 yards per return)
  3. Kickoff Coverage: 8th (21.3 yards per return)
  4. Punt Coverage: 26th (10.3 yards per return)
  5. Starting Point: Data not available
  6. Opponent Starting Point: Data not available
  7. Punting: Tied (2) for 6th (46.7 yards per punt)
  8. Net Punting: 14th (40.1 yards per punt)
  9. Inside the 20 Punts: Tied (3) for 17th (25 punts)
  10. Opponent Punting: 3rd (43.5 yards per punt)
  11. Opponent Net Punting: Data not available
  12. Field Goals: Tied (2) for 13th (28 field goals)
  13. Field Goal Percentage: Tied (2) for 9th (87.5%)
  14. Opponent Field Goal Percentage: Tied (4) for 20th (85.7%)
  15. Extra Point Percentage: Tied (2) for 22nd (91.7%)
  16. Points Scored: Data not available
  17. Points Allowed: Data not available
  18. Blocked Kicks: (1 blocked kick)
  19. Opponent Blocked Kicks: Tied (2) for 30th (4 blocked kicks)
  20. Takeaways: Data not available
  21. Giveaways: Data not available
  22. Penalties: Data not available

If you can help fill in any of the missing spots above, leave a note in the comments section with your source. From the data we have, the Browns' rankings were lowered by their punt coverage at the end of the year, missing two extra points, and having four kicks blocked.