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John DeFilippo to be the Eagles' Quarterbacks Coach

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

It can't be easy finding a job elsewhere when you're an assistant coach on the staff of a 3-13 football team, and often times you have to take a step back in your NFL coaching career. That is the case with former Browns offensive coordinator John DeFilippo. Although he was in-the-running for the Rams' offensive coordinator position, after Cleveland officially released him from his contract a few days ago, he is now set to join the Philadelphia Eagles as their new quarterbacks coach:

DeFilippo will serve under new Eagles head coach Doug Pederson, who is one of the infamous names on the Browns' quarterback jersey list after starting 8 games for the club in 2000. Pederson was the Kansas City Chiefs' offensive coordinator for the past three years, so he might have been familiar with DeFilippo when he was with the Raiders in the AFC West as a quarterbacks coach.