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Complete List of the Cleveland Browns' Coaching Staff

A comprehensive list of all of the Browns' coaches under head coach Hue Jackson.

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The Cleveland Browns officially announced their offensive and special teams coaching staffs on Friday, along with their defensive coordinator. Here is list of all of the coaches that have either been confirmed hires, or have been reported as hires, along with a quick snapshot of which teams the coaches were last with.

Head Coach: Hue Jackson (Cincinnati)


Associate Head Coach: Pep Hamilton (Indianapolis)
Senior Assistant / Wide Receivers: Al Saunders (Tennessee)
Run Game Coordinator / Running Backs: Kirby Wilson (Minnesota)
Tight Ends: Greg Seamon (Cincinnati)
Offensive Line: Hal Hunter (Indianpolis)
Assistant Offensive Line: Mark Hutson (Eastern Illinois)
Offensive Quality Control: Bob Saunders (Cleveland)

The offensive coaching staff is complete, and Jackson officially announced that he will call plays so he can play to his strengths. Even though he doesn't have the title, Hamilton will double as the team's quarterbacks coach. In his role of associate head coach, if Jackson steps aside for whatever reason (i.e. to work with the defense), Hamilton will step in to continue running the operation as if he were the head coach. Hamilton has never worked with Jackson.

Saunders, on the other hand, has worked plenty with Jackson, as the team's new coach called Saunders "his right hand in so many situations." He'll continue dot be Jackson's right hand, but will also take an increased interest in making sure the team's receiver situation improves in 2015. Jackson and Saunders worked together in Oakland in 2010, when Saunders was Jackson's offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach.

Wilson went to the same high school as Jackson -- although Wilson graduated just before Jackson got there, the two have known each other for a very long time and the trust factor is there. Hunter doesn't have a connection to Jackson, but he's worked with Hamilton in Indianapolis for several years. Hutson is coming mostly from college experience, but Jackson wanted a college-flavored coach because he feels they are tremendous teachers. Together, Wilson and Hunter will be expected to collaborate to improve the Browns' running games so that it is among the best in football.

Seamon, the team's new tight ends coach, has been a scout for the Bengals for the past 12 years. Jackson says that Seamon became more involved with the offense during last year's training camp, but their relationship also goes way back. When Jackson was a quarterback at Pacific in the mid-1980s, Seamon was his offensive coordinator.

Lastly, Saunders was a coaching intern for the Browns' offensive line last year. He's getting a mini-promotion to stick with the club.


Defensive Coordinator: Ray Horton (Tennessee)
Defensive Line: Robert Nunn (New York Giants)*
Defensive Backs: Louie Cioffi (Tennessee)*

The only confirmed hiring on the defensive side of the ball is Horton, who was the Browns' defensive coordinator in 2013. His staff of assistants has not been announced yet, probably because the team is waiting for all of the assistants to be hired before the press release goes out.

According to reports, the two assistants who have been hired so far are Nunn and Cioffi. Horton reportedly wanted former Browns defensive lineman Nick Eason to be his defensive line coach in Cleveland. Eason was the Titans' assistant defensive line coach in 2015; however, the Titans just promoted him to defensive line coach, taking him out of consideration.

Nunn doesn't appear to have a connection to Horton, but in 2003, Jackson was the Washington Redskins' offensive coordinator. That year, Nunn was the defensive line coach for Washington. He's worked with some great defensive linemen in New York over the years, though, which is a positive. Cioffi was the Browns' defensive backs coach in 2013 and keeps following Horton around.

What positions are left for the Browns? In 2013, when Horton was here, he had an outside linebackers, inside linebackers, assistant defensive backs, and defensive quality control coach. Last year with the Titans, Horton had just one linebackers coach, but had an assistant defensive line coach. Either way you look at it, the club should be bringing in four more coaches on the defensive side of the ball.

The one chip that Browns fans would love to still see fall is Mike Singletary joining the Browns as linebackers coach. There's been no news of any interviews with him, just some scattered "clues" on Twitter -- such as him following The OBR, the Browns, and Mike Silver (Jackson's reporter friend) in recent days. Singletary interviewed for the Giants' linebackers coaching spot a couple of days ago, but the Giants have already hired somebody for the position.

Special Teams

Special Teams: Chris Tabor (Cleveland)
Special Teams Assistant: Shawn Mennenga (Cleveland)
Special Teams Quality Control: Stan Watson (Cleveland)

Tabor and Mennenga have returned to be on their fourth coaching staff in 2011. It's like their immune to change, but it might be a testament to how Tabor is viewed in the NFL as a coach. Watson was hired as a special teams coaching intern in 2014, but this is a slightly new title for him. Jackson says that numerous people around Berea were in support of these three guys, and Jackson determined that they are "one of the best trios in the league."

Strength and Conditioning

Director, High Performance: Adam Beard (Cleveland)
Strength and Conditioning: Vacant?
Assistant Strength and Conditioning: Vacant?
Assistant Strength and Conditioning: Vacant?

Beard joined the Browns last year, but Executive VP of Football Operations Sashi Brown stated they were looking for a new strength and conditioning coaching staff this year. No names have been announced yet.


Who else would you like to see land in Cleveland as an assistant, Browns fans?