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NFL Logos Re-Imagined as WWE Wrestlers; Browns Get "Iron" Mike Sharpe

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

The very-talented David Rappoccio is at it again, re-imagining all 32 team logos in the NFL as WWE wrestlers. For those of you who are at least moderate fans of wrestling, you'll get a kick out of seeing all the logos. The context fits a lot of them too. John Cena always being on top, just like the Patriots? Spot on. Also, Hulk Hogan, given his recent racism incident that has him scrapped from WWE, is a great fit the Redskins, a team subject to name controversy.

Who did the Browns get as their logo? "Iron" Mike Sharpe:

I've been a WWE fan since I started watching it in 1999. I know all of the wrestlers after that, and I know a little bit about the wrestlers before that time who have not re-appeared on WWE since then. With that said, the only logo-wrestler comparisons I really knew nothing about were the Browns ("Iron" Mike Sharpe), the Chiefs (Chief Jay Strongbow), and the Buccaneers and Lions (both of whom were represented by different characters played by Fred Ottman).

Coincidentally, I was made aware of Sharpe last Sunday, before the logo post, when it was announced that he had passed away. In picking Sharpe for the Browns, Dave says, "He was relevant once in the ’80s, then became the lovable loser." Boooo!!!

What were some of your favorite re-imagined logos?