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Browns' Practice Squad Players Signed to Reserve/Future Deals

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

On Tuesday, the Cleveland Browns signed the following members of their practice squad to reserve/future contracts: TE Connor Hamlett, OL Garth Gerhart, OL Dan France, DL Dylan Wynn, DB Tim Scott, and DB Sean Baker. On Wednesday, they also signed OL Erle Ladson to a reserve/future contract.

What are "reserve/future" contracts? Anyone who was signed to an NFL active roster cannot enter free agency until March. Anyone who was on a practice squad though became free agents at the conclusion of the regular season. Therefore, the Browns basically "re-signed" the players they are interested in having another look at during the offseason programs or in training camp next season. In other words, it's really just a formality that has to be done to keep your practice squad in tact.

The Browns were allowed to have ten players on their practice squad in 2015, but only seven players were listed above. That means that the other four players -- RB Daryl Richardson, OL Conor Boffeli, and DB Chance Casey -- have become free agents.

Of all the players mentioned, Gerhart, Ladson, and Wynn, were the only players with the team most of the year, with Wynn gaining the most notoriety for his work in training camp and the preseason. If C Alex Mack opts out of his contract, Gerhart would be a candidate to replace him at center during the offseason programs.