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Browns Best Bengals and Steelers in Attendance

The 3-13 Browns beat two playoff-bound rivals in attendance.

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Say what you will about the Cleveland Browns, but the fans are loyal.

According to final NFL attendance numbers, the Browns finished 19th in the league in attendance, drawing an average of 66,186 fans per game at First Energy Stadium this season.

A 19th place finish is a rarely something to boast about, but considering the Browns' 3-13 record, that's not too shabby.

In comparison, the 10-6 Steelers ranked No. 22, notching 64,357 fans per game at Heinz Field. The 12-4 Bengals came in 28th, drawing 61,390 fans per game to Paul Brown Stadium, admittedly one of the smaller venues in the NFL.

So much for "Steeler Nation," eh?

In the year-end rankings, the Dallas Cowboys finished first in the league, notching an average attendance of 91,459. The St. Louis Rams came in last at 52,403 fans per game.

In 2014, the Browns finished one spot lower at No. 20, drawing 67,425.

The rankings must be taken with a grain of salt, as First Energy Stadium has a higher capacity than Heinz Field. But anyone saying Clevelanders are fair-weather fans is wrong.