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NFL Power Rankings: Browns remain at the bottom for Week 6

Here is a summary of how the Cleveland Browns are viewed across mainstream media outlets in NFL Power Rankings heading into Week 6.

FOX Sports - No. 32 (even from last week)

The Browns are stuck at 32 for another week after being crushed by an angry Tom Brady and his Patriots. Cody Kessler’s injury doesn’t help things, but at least there’s Terrelle Pryor! He’s the lone bright spot offensively in Cleveland, while the defense is short on talent at all three levels. An 0-16 record isn’t likely, but it’s still in the realm of possibility.

SB Nation - No. 32 (even from last week)

The poor Cleveland Browns were already No. 32 and had to face the unfortunate wrath of Brady’s return from suspension. But for as unlucky as the Browns have been, the San Diego Chargers may be even less fortunate. - No. 32 (even from last week)

So Cody Kessler won't be the third Browns quarterback to be put on ice. Good thing, too, because the great savior -- of football, anyway -- lasted about a half after Kessler left Sunday's game. For a minute there, I was wondering if it was going to be Brian Sipe time. How about Todd Philcox? Does anyone remember him? Terrelle Pryor is the team's premier weapon, so you can't let him take too many snaps -- unless you want him to also end up on the sidelines in street clothes, à la RGIII and Josh McCown. In the oddest of ironies, there was Derek Anderson, the onetime Browns Pro Bowler who won 10 games for Cleveland in 2007, slinging the ball around the park for Carolina on Monday night (... and turning it over -- so maybe it wasn't ironic, but congruent). I'm looking for an excuse to put another team in this spot.

Bleacher Report - No. 32 (even from last week)

Help wanted: a healthy quarterback to run Hue Jackson's offense.

Cleveland is running out of options. Cody Kessler left with an injury to his ribs. Charlie Whitehurst was banged up a little too. Terrelle Pryor had to finish this one out.

It's no surprise the Browns' league-leading rushing attack hit a brick wall. New England went big inside and stuffed Isaiah Crowell because the pass was not a threat.

I've been a big fan of their fight, but the one that happened Sunday wasn't fair. Cleveland played three quarterbacks. New England used two—Tom Brady and his replacement once the game was out of hand.

Yahoo Sports - No. 32 (even from last week)

Part of me wants to see the Browns go through like 12 quarterbacks this season in order to see how creative they’ll get. Charlie Whitehurst was the fifth quarterback to play significant snaps this season when you include Terrelle Pryor, and we’re only through five games.

ESPN - No. 32 (even from last week)

Believe it or not, Hue Jackson is the first head coach to start his Browns career 0-5 since Chris Palmer during the Browns' return to the NFL in 1999. The Titans provide a chance to snap that losing streak Sunday.

Associated Press - No. 32 (even from last week)

Listed below is a summary table of where teams in the AFC North are ranked this week.

Bengals Browns Ravens Steelers
Fox Sports 13 32 14 2
SB Nation 11 32 14 6 14 32 18 6
Bleacher Report 11 32 12 4
Yahoo Sports 14 32 17 6
ESPN 8 32 14 3
Associated Press 16 32 13 3
Average 12.4 (down 3.4) 32.0 (even) 14.6 (down 2.0) 4.3 (up 1.1)