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NFL picks and predictions for Week 8

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The top games in the NFL this week include the Washington Redskins vs. Cincinnati Bengals, New England Patriots vs Buffalo Bills, San Diego Chargers vs. Denver Broncos, Green Bay Packers vs. Atlanta Falcons, and Philadelphia Eagles vs. Dallas Cowboys. Let's get straight to the Week 8 action. Feel free to weigh in on some of the games in the comments section. This week will be a special Halloween-themed edition.

Week 8 Games Explanation Pick

Note: This pick was posted in our TNF thread on Thursday. I am listing it here for record-keeping purposes.

Thursday Night Football: This is a game that just screams "television ratings." Marcus Mariota has the Titans positioned a good spot in what looks to be another weak year for the AFC South. If I had to place money on a team from that division right now, it might just be them. Titans 27, Jaguars 17


London Anticipation: Playing on the eve of Halloween, no team in the NFL has the holiday's colors more than the Bengals' black and orange. This will be one of the more entertaining London games when it comes to pre-game anticipation, as both clubs could be playoff contenders. The scary difference in this game will be Tyler Eifert being re-integrated into the offense. Bengals 24, Redskins 21


It Has to Change: The Panthers have to be stunned with their 1-5 start to the season, but they are going to provide a scare to the rest of the NFC as Cam Newton has a big game coming out of the bye week and the front seven force Carson Palmer to remember some of the skeletons he faced in last year's NFC Championship game. Panthers 31, Cardinals 17

vs. BOO! We're Here: The Detroit Lions are the team that yelled "Boo!" because they've sneaked up on everybody. Their three-game win streak has them with a 4-3 record, and they might as well continue digging the grave that Brock Osweiler seems to be digging himself with his play in Houston. Lions 21, Texans 18

vs. Werewolf in Charge: For as shaky as Andrew Luck has been at times, he's really done all he could to will the Colts to four victories this year, including last Sunday's big divisional come-from-behind win. The Chiefs are a more wicked opponent than Tennessee, but both of their losses have come on the road. Colts 27, Chiefs 24


Unleashing Hell: The Patriots were shut out at home by the Patriots while Tom Brady was serving the final game of his suspension. Even though this game is in Buffalo, this is a game that Brady should have some real motivation for, including trying to defeat the Ryan brothers. Bill Belichick will open the gates of hell and watch this massacre unfold in front of him. Patriots 34, Bills 13


A Winning Way: This will be the first game I attend in person since the Bengals quick-snapped the Browns in our home opener several years ago. Rain is expected near game time, which could play a factor early on. The thing is that I don’t see it benefiting one team in particular. The Jets are good at stopping the run, and with New York’s limitations in the passing game, I think Cleveland’s defensive front will rebound and also stop the run this week.

That means it’ll come down to a duel between Ryan Fitzpatrick and Josh McCown. McCown will put his body at risk for the benefit of the Browns again and hit a couple of long passes to open up the field a little more, something we haven’t been able to do with Cody Kessler under center. The Jets will have ‘one of those days’ where things just aren’t going right for them, and Cleveland’s defense will capitalize for the team’s first win of the year. Browns 27, Jets 20


Pirate Ship Battle: You couldn't ask for a better Halloween themed match-up than Oakland vs. Tampa Bay. In past years, I'd pick against Oakland with them being on the road. They are a perfect 4-0 on the road this year, though, and they just won in Florida last week against the Jaguars. Raiders 28, Buccaneers 20


Goblins Attack: I may be stretching a bit here, but the color of goblins reminded me of the Seahawks as I continue my Halloween-themed edition of picks. One nice storyline in this one is Jimmy Graham going up against his former team, and with the terrible defense the Saints have, Graham should have himself a big game. Seahawks 35, Saints 20


Scary Upset of the Week: I was automatically ready to give this one to Denver, but some supernatural feeling came over me and told me to pick San Diego. Denver's offense is trending in the wrong direction while San Diego continues to be "in" every game, and beat the Broncos just two weeks ago. Chargers 24, Broncos 17


Batshoot Crazy Game of the Week: I'm really starting to reach here with my Halloween-related play on words, aren't I? The Falcons have dropped two straight games, and this week we'll see a whole lot of offense and not much defense. The Packers' lack of a true running game will bite them, though. Falcons 31, Packers 28


Sunday Night Football: This will be our first exposure to Carson Wentz in prime time. Browns fans know that we want Philly to lose this game. It won't be because Wentz is bad, though -- it'll be because the Cowboys are just a great overall team, although they do have a scary quarterback decision looming over them soon. Cowboys 27, Eagles 23


Monday Night Football: The Vikings were upset by the Eagles last week, as we got our first exposure to their limited offense coming back to burn them. Chicago's offense is as bad as you can get in the NFL, though, so expect some defensive pressure early and often. This could be the equivalent to murder on the field. Vikings 27, Bears 6

Bye Week:

Survivor: Last week, I picked the Patriots to beat the Steelers, which re-started my survivor streak at one game. I'll try to continue that streak this week by going with the Vikings over the Bears.

Week 7 Picks Record: 8-6-1
2016 NFL Picks Record: 58-48-1
Browns Picks Record: 5-2