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NFL Power Rankings: Browns unanimously ranked 32nd in Week 5

Here is a summary of how the Cleveland Browns are viewed across mainstream media outlets in NFL Power Rankings heading into Week 5.

FOX Sports - No. 32 (down 1 from last week)

Cody Kessler hasn’t been completely disastrous in his first two starts, throwing for 467 yards and one touchdown. The defense, however, is a serious question mark. It made Kirk Cousins and Matt Jones look like Pro Bowlers, which shouldn’t happen with a remotely talented defense.

SB Nation - No. 32 (down 1 from last week)

Now, the only the team left with a zero in the win column are the Cleveland Browns, who carried a lead into the fourth quarter but lost 31-20 to Washington. For an 0-4 team, the Browns have actually been rather competitive every week, but it will take a Herculean effort to not get smoked by the Brady-led Patriots in Week 5. - No. 32 (down 1 from last week)

Another weird week for the Browns, who lost yet another contest in which they were right there in the fourth quarter, while a team that might be lousier than they are won a game first (see: No. 30). Then there's the ongoing saga of Josh Gordon. Well, on the plus side, another nice day for Terrelle Pryor, who scored again while catching five passes. Wondering if the Patriots are going to come in Sunday and put the new cover sheet on the T.P.S.. At any rate, one of these weeks, the Browns are going to come out of a nail-biter with a win. OK, probably not this week.

Bleacher Report - No. 32 (down 1 from last week)

Poor Hue Jackson.

He coaches one of the scrappiest teams in football. But Cleveland's roster is too injured, young and thin at key spots to nail down his first win with the Browns.

I see progress, not success. Cody Kessler completed easy throws and went through his reads. Terrelle Pryor scored his first receiving touchdown. And Isaiah Crowell! He's a true workhorse back who's benefited the most from Jackson's arrival.

Close doesn't count in the NFL, though. Three second-half turnovers—including a big Kessler interception—sunk their chances. Jackson's team is the only winless one in the league.

Yahoo Sports - No. 32 (even from last week)

I feel bad having them at No. 32 because this team has played hard, and it has been competitive. I’m not sure anymore this is the worst team in football. It’s a young team that knows it isn’t going anywhere but it’s clearly buying in. That’s a testament to Hue Jackson. But it’s hard to move the only 0-4 team in the league up from No. 32. However, if they played some of the teams in the next few spots on a neutral field, I’d pick the Browns.

ESPN - No. 32 (even from last week)

The winless Browns have to play host to the Patriots in Week 5 for Tom Brady's return. Stranger things have happened, but the Browns are very likely to remain the only winless team through Week 5.

Associated Press - No. 32 (down 1 from last week)

Listed below is a summary table of where teams in the AFC North are ranked this week.

Bengals Browns Ravens Steelers
Fox Sports 10 32 11 3
SB Nation 6 32 11 7 9 32 14 7
Bleacher Report 7 32 12 6
Yahoo Sports 10 32 16 6
ESPN 10 32 14 3
Associated Press 11 32 10 6
Average 9.0 (up 2.9) 32.0 (down 0.7) 12.6 (down 3.5) 5.4 (up 2.0)