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Browns' Defensive Snap Counts and Stats vs. Ravens

Looking at the defensive snap counts in the Browns' 28-7 loss to the Ravens.

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Below, we analyze the snap counts and stats on defense for the Cleveland Browns' Week 10 game against the Baltimore Ravens

Defensive Line

Pos Player Plays % Stats
DL Emmanuel Ogbah 69 84% 1 tackle, 2 assists (3 combined). 2 QH.
DL Jamie Meder 65 79% 2 tackles, 1 assist (3 combined). 1 TFL, 1 QH.
DL Danny Shelton 56 68% 2 tackles, 3 assists (5 combined). 1 TFL.
DL Stephen Paea
43 52% 1 tackle, 2 assists (3 combined).
DL Carl Nassib 39 48% 1 tackle, 1 assist (2 combined).
DL Tyrone Holmes
13 16% No stats registered.

This was partially a byproduct of the Ravens' offensive line being banged up, but Emmanuel Ogbah generated some nice pressure from his defensive end role. He was flagged for a roughing the passer call that I disagreed with. Danny Shelton had another good game against the run. Xavier Cooper was benched this week with Stephen Paea getting back into the mix.

Outside Linebacker

Pos Player Plays % Stats
OLB Jamie Collins
82 100% 7 tackles, 2 assists (9 combined). 1 sack, 2 TFL, 1 QH.
OLB Cam Johnson 41 50% 3 tackles, 2 assists (5 combined).

The first half was all about Jamie Collins. I kept my eyes on him pre-snap on almost every defensive play, and he was single-handedly leading the charge for Cleveland's defense. Joe Flacco was also doing a piss-poor job in that first half, though. In the second half, the Ravens mixed in a lot more crossing routes that our defensive backs couldn't handle. They also pushed the pace more, which our group couldn't match.

Inside Linebacker

Pos Player Plays % Stats
ILB Christian Kirksey 82 100% 8 tackles, 5 assists (13 combined). 1 pass defended.
ILB Demario Davis 42 51% 1 tackle, 2 assists (3 combined). 1 sack, 1 TFL, 2 QH.

I like Demario Davis better in his reduced role, and he even got a sack this week along with two quarterback hits. Christian Kirksey led the team with 13 tackles.


Pos Player Plays % Stats
S Ed Reynolds
74 90% 5 tackles, 1 assist (1 combined).
S Ibraheim Campbell
64 78% 4 tackles, 4 assists (8 combined).
S Derrick Kindred 9 11% 1 tackle ( combined).
S Tracy Howard 9 11% 3 tackles (3 combined).

Perhaps a little known fact is that Ed Reynolds got the start at free safety this week over Tracy Howard, and I thought he delivered. When I say that, it's a low bar, though. "Delivered" means that he was slightly more stable than the trash play we've seen at the position over the course of the season. I wouldn't be surprised to see him hold on to that role against Pittsburgh.


Pos Player Plays % Stats
CB Tramon Williams 79 96% 4 tackles, 1 assist (5 combined). 1 pass defended.
CB Joe Haden 78 95% 1 tackle (1 combined). 1 interception, 2 passes defended.
CB Briean Boddy-Calhoun 57 70% 3 tackles (3 combined). 1 interception, 1 pass defended.

Joe Haden and Briean Boddy-Calhoun each had interceptions, but overall, the cornerbacks struggled in the second half. They were beat several times by crossing routes, and Boddy-Calhoun was victimized for two touchdown passes. Tramon Williams ate a stiff arm from Steve Smith.