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Will the Browns have Robert Griffin III start another game in 2016?

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Cleveland Browns Scott R. Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

This past Wednesday, Jason Cole of Bleacher Report noted the following about the Cleveland Browns’ quarterback situation in a brief video clip:

The Browns are expected to stick with Kessler for the rest of the season unless his performance declines. Coaches believe Kessler may be the long-term solution at quarterback after year's of searching. Don't expect to see Robert Griffin III back on the field any time soon.

It’s striking how much the perception has changed since then. First, prior to the team’s Thursday night game against the Baltimore Ravens, QB Robert Griffin III, who is on injured reserve, was spotted stretching and throwing on the field:

Kessler took a 7-6 lead into the locker room at halftime against the Ravens. He got one series to open the second half before being pulled for veteran Josh McCown, as head coach Hue Jackson was “looking for a spark.” Jackson insists that Kessler is still the starter at this point in time, but that is subject to change at his discretion...which directs us back to RGIII.

Mary Kay Cabot of the Plain Dealer reported that Griffin will undergo a scan on his shoulder some time in the next two weeks to see if he can return to action in 2016. If he’s good-to-go, it’s possible that there could be 4 games left in the season to show what he’s made of. Given the fact that Jackson spent so much time with Griffin as the starting quarterback this offseason and preseason, I’d be stunned if he wasn’t compelled to give his guy another shot, especially since he’s under contract for 2017.

Jackson said the NFL was investigating the Browns for having Griffin throwing on the field while on injured reserve. The rule supposedly states that a player on IR cannot be out there throwing within 60 minutes of game time. It’s believed that Griffin is in the clear, though, because he stopped throwing around 7:00 PM on Thursday, and the game wasn’t scheduled to start until 8:25 PM.

Two questions, Browns fans:

  1. Do you think we’ll see RG III start another game this year?
  2. Do you want to see him start another game this year?