4 Weird Ways Donald Trump could be GREAT for the Cleveland Browns

Howdy to follow comrades of Cleveland Browns. I am realizing today history of Cleveland Bowns almost the same as USA Country! They are winning so many and glorious, on our "gridiron," when the 1960's are here, and also 1970's but not so much at all, but also 1980's much more but not as good as 1960's. They are needing then to be great again, all the peoples and workers are yearning for this greatness in their noble blood like noble Russian Bear in hibernation. Is like factories on our Cayauga River that are making steel start to make sadness and despair.

But in period 1999-2016 suffering under confusion of "solidarity governments," of country and of football team. All the waters are poisoned in the house of Cleveland Brown, like dead horse stuck in the well. Leaders are changing too much because no one makes decision to be a man. No one knows who is man and and who is girl, even many mens act unnatural to other men and try to use girls toilet to undermine state, or even want to own soccer team. All the coaches are changing, some Africans or Mediterraneans is being field general on gridiron, they are having mental breakdown of courage and making humorous result, only it makes our tears flow into the mighty Cayayga River. Is like U.S.A. election has an African who is trying to make unnatural marriages and convince all people they will be weak and sick and need doctors, and poison minds against any great country that is friend of freedom and common man.

But we have saying in Clevland: God does not give horns to cow that butts. Many Americans in year 2016 US Election rise up against most corrupt political woman in history of email, who is trying to trick with bad solidarity message of "chain us all together stronger." But we cayugans of Cleveland are knowing is unnatural to make Men like girls and girls like Men. Many of feeble minded and foreigners on our glorious Cayuga River City think bad thoughts to this, because winning candidate of USA President Donald Trump is "maniac" and is raping wives and daughters and blaming on foreigners. But some is just clever African lies and some of it is stupid lies of woman. But we have also saying in Caveland: "the conqueror collects the kopecs." And all Cayaugans will be knowing soon is good, is very good, and most sane thing, more than cow with horns, for this Donald Trump. Real men of great blood submit to greatness of blood, the rest will perish! For Cleveland Bowns can now have glory too. Here is list of ways, to clicking here inserting ad to buying Timeshare Property in Mexico Ocean:

1. Closing Obamacare Hospitals is attracting new "free agent" to excellent health care plan in City of #1 USA Clinic

When U.S. President Obama is opening "death hospitals" in U.S. year 2012, no more valuable free agents are coming to be Cleveland Brown because if is free doctors for "athletes," then excellent employer health plan of our glorious Orange and Brown team means nothing. USA President Donald Trump and Glorious Republican is sending Obamacare hospitals to rot in hell with Tartars, so African and Mediterranean and Polish and Black Sea people have to work for Cleveland Browns or rot with Tartar now too.

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2. Very good way to get in beautiful golden door of Great Southern Wall of USA is making football for Cleveland Browns

USA President Donald Trump and Glorious Republican is building freedom wall, so Mexican and southern people of western hemisphere stop stealing fruit and vegetables in USA Southwest land. This is to be creating more fatter huntable migratory bird flock for glorious USA gun factories. Also calves of the southern peoples are like orange-fleshed melon, is perfect for special teams and running back for Cleveland Browns with USA H1B visa ticket to beautiful door.

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3. As Trump puts end to USA Obama global warming scam to oppress natural desires of ocean, Clevland Browns make pick of litter of desperate Pacific Islanders

Also with historical precedent of the "Danny Sheldon," and always with most and first picks of NFL, Cleveland Browns offer more H1B visa to un-muslim pacific islanders that show most endurance in extreme vetting of great "swim or die" events over decade. Will result in key pickup of Hopolawi Malawapuhilana (Hank Miller), 2029, and Takealakakua Pualohaalakala (Tim Potter) 2030.

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4. Contrary to USA Mainstream Media lies, Cleveland Browns will NOT be outlawed.

Many Browns fans are believing USA President Trump will outlaw Cleveland Browns, but this is only a misunderstanding with the ambiguous US American words and phrases, like "abortion" and "destroying life." Glorious football team will not have to play in back alley with coat hangers, still can proudly play in First Energy Clean Coal Stadium, only now with glowing turf from EPA-approved drainage enhancers acquired from Glorious owner's fracking partners.

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