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NFL Power Rankings: Browns and AFC North in general in a sad state for Week 11

Here is a summary of how the Cleveland Browns are viewed across mainstream media outlets in NFL Power Rankings heading into Week 11.

FOX Sports - No. 32 (even from last week)

After six weeks, it was hard to imagine the Browns going winless. Now 10 weeks in, it’s a very real possibility they go 0-16 and lock up the top overall pick in the draft. At this point, winning games isn’t nearly as important as figuring out the quarterback situation, so losing might not be the worst idea.

SB Nation - No. 32 (even from last week)

Shoutout to the trash heap for making things easy every week. The Cleveland Browns haven’t won all season, the San Francisco 49ers haven’t won since Week 1 and the Jacksonville Jaguars haven’t won since Week 6. - No. 32 (even from last week)

For the second straight week, unfortunately, we can't talk about how the winless Browns don't resemble their record. They do. Cleveland has been outscored over the last two games by 46 points combined. With that being said, getting blown out doesn't mean the 0-10 season carries no potential value. How about fully seeing what you have in Cody Kessler? As much as I like Josh McCown as a player and person, think Hue Jackson should have kept Kessler under center Thursday night. The rookie wasn't playing poorly, and Cleveland ain't running the table.

Bleacher Report - No. 32 (down 1 from last week)

No more quarterback excuses.

No more injury rationale.

These Browns belong in the NFL's cellar. After four weeks of narrow escapes, the league's only winless team reclaims its rightful spot at the tail end of these power rankings.

Thursday night's offensive output against Baltimore was pitiful. It might have something to do with the Browns' porous offensive line. Or head coach Hue Jackson's wavering between his win-now quarterback (Josh McCown) or his future one (Cody Kessler).

Jackson needs to stop and rethink his approach. If he doesn't, the only thing we'll know about his team at the end of the regular season is that it was historically bad.

Yahoo Sports - No. 31 (even from last week)

They seem to be fading. The quarterback move to go to Josh McCown in the second half of a winnable game at Baltimore turned out to be awful. On the bright side, they’re using Jamie Collins in fun ways. If they can sign him to a front-loaded extension, I think that’ll be a great deal for them.

ESPN - No. 32 (even from last week)

The Browns are now 0-10 and host the Steelers this week. If the Browns lose again, they'll fall to 0-11 for the first time in franchise history and the first time leaguewide since the 2011 Colts.

Associated Press - No. 32 (even from last week)

Listed below is a summary table of where teams in the AFC North are ranked this week.

Bengals Browns Ravens Steelers
Fox Sports 26 32 17 18
SB Nation 14 32 12 13 23 32 15 18
Bleacher Report 24 32 11 16
Yahoo Sports 25 31 20 16
ESPN 18 32 13 9
Associated Press 21 32 13 18
Average 21.6 (down 4.7) 31.9 (down 0.1) 14.4 (up 3.3) 15.1 (down 0.9)