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Want to meet Sashi Brown? Here’s your chance

Want to hang out with this guy?

NFL: Preseason-Atlanta Falcons at Cleveland Browns Scott R. Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

Have you ever wanted to meet the mastermind behind the 2016 Cleveland Browns?

Well, you’re in luck.

Sashi Brown, Executive Vice President of Football Operations, will be one of the Browns’ executives in attendance at a networking event on Sunday, December 11.

Every year, the Browns combine with a local sports jobs company called TeamWork Online (full disclosure: I interned at TeamWork from April to August 2015) to put together a networking event to connect sports organizations with job seekers.

Typically, almost all of the executives in attendance work in sales. Not this year.

Brown, the club’s head football decision-maker, is one of the listed executives, with five others also slated to attend (including Brent Stehlik, one of the nicest guys in sports).

Here’s the catch – the event will cost you a pretty penny.

To attend the networking event, you must purchase a ticket to the Bengals game that day. As of now, the only available option is a $94 ticket for both events (about $105 after taxes). Here’s the link to registration.

So what will the event be like? Well, depending on the registration numbers, a large group of people will wait to talk to the executives after Brown and others speak. Members of other organizations (the Indians, Cavaliers, Monsters, etc.) will be in attendance, too. It is a nice way to connect with other professionals in the area.

After all, it’s all about who you know in the sports industry. It’s incredibly difficult to find a full-time job unless you know someone in the inside.

One caveat, however – the list of executives is subject to change. So, Brown might back out last minute if something comes up. There’s no absolute guarantee you’ll be able to meet him.

Is it worth the $100+ you’ll pay to attend? Well, maybe you could ask Sashi on December 11.