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NFL Power Rankings: Browns are on the winless watch for Week 10

Here is a summary of how the Cleveland Browns are viewed across mainstream media outlets in NFL Power Rankings heading into Week 10.

FOX Sports - No. 32 (even from last week)

The Browns remain the worst team in the league and are in serious danger of going 0-16. While they don’t lack effort on the field, their underwhelming talent and youth is a problem on both offense and defense. At least rookie QB Cody Kessler has played relatively well and avoided mistakes this season.

SB Nation - No. 32 (even from last week)

Don’t forget about the poor Browns. The poor, poor Browns. - No. 32 (even from last week)

While we're on the subject, the most fight the Browns employed on Sunday was from Cameron Erving, who went all Adonis Creed on Cowboys defensive lineman David Irving. In a related vein, the last time Cleveland toppled Dallas was in Irving, Texas, back in 1994. The late, great Eric Turner stopped Jay Novacek just short of the goal line in a game that ultimately sent the Browns to the playoffs. Anyone remember that? Red-zone defense was a problem Sunday, as Dallas went 3 for 3 in the RZ. Make that 4 for 4. Wait, make that 4 for 5. Yeah, I was typing this blurb while watching the second half. Cleveland did finally stop the Cowboys inside the 20 ... when Mark Sanchez knelt down in victory formation

Bleacher Report - No. 31 (even from last week)

Do you want to win a football game?

Hue Jackson needs to answer that question. By sitting Josh McCown—the superior quarterback—he’s signaling to his team it’s all about 2017.

Cleveland’s defense needs to ask itself the same question. It was undoubtedly outclassed Sunday against Dallas’ physical attack. I’m surprised coordinator Ray Horton didn’t come up with something new or different to plug all the Cowboys’ running lanes.

Yahoo Sports - No. 31 (even from last week)

“We’re not going to go 0-16,” Browns linebacker Chris Kirksey told after Sunday’s loss. “That’s for a fact. We’re not doing that.” While you can’t pick any game as The One the Browns will win, you give any NFL team seven shots at a win and odds are it’ll get one. I don’t think they’re going winless.

ESPN - No. 32 (even from last week)

0: The Browns remain the only winless team in the NFL this season. It's the first time since 1975 that the franchise has started 0-9.

15 percent: According to NFL FPI, the Browns have a 15 percent chance of losing out. No other team has more than a 5 percent chance of doing so.

Associated Press - No. 32 (even from last week)

Listed below is a summary table of where teams in the AFC North are ranked this week.

Bengals Browns Ravens Steelers
Fox Sports 25 32 18 15
SB Nation 10 32 15 12 21 32 19 20
Bleacher Report 18 31 17 19
Yahoo Sports 18 31 24 10
ESPN 8 32 16 15
Associated Press 18 32 16 15
Average 16.9 (down 0.9) 31.7 (even) 17.7 (up 4.3) 14.3 (down 4.6)