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Browns back down on Columbus training camp proposal

NFL: Cleveland Browns-Training Camp Scott R. Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

Just three weeks ago, the team alluded to the fact that training camp for the Cleveland Browns was likely headed to Columbus by 2018. Today, they are singing a completely different tune, announcing that they have backed out of the proposal and that training camp will remain in Berea for the immediate future.

“After evaluating all aspects and conversations about potential training camp sites, we have decided to keep training camp in Berea for the immediate future,” Browns VP of Communication Peter John-Baptiste said in a statement. “While we greatly appreciate the efforts of and our discussions with representatives from the City of Columbus, Franklin County and Ohio State University, we believe it is best for our football team, our organizational goals and our fans to continue to host training camp in Northeast Ohio.”

The Columbus Dispatch reports that it is not clear why the Browns backed out of the deal:

It’s unclear what changed, but the Browns reaffirmed their commitment to holding camp in Berea. A source said the deal, as constructed, was not a factor in the decision.

I don’t mind the Browns staying in Berea for training camp — selfishly, I prefer it. It’s just strange to see the team take two drastically different stances on the matter in less than a month.