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Browns WR Andrew Hawkins Pursuing Master's Degree from Columbia University

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

If the Cleveland Browns are looking for some analytical input from their own players, they might have to look any further than wide receiver Andrew Hawkins. In an article on the NFL Player Engagement website, Hawkins details the offseason commitment he is making in pursuing a Master's degree in New York, while still training in his winter home of Tampa.

"It’s the best of both worlds since my family and I get out of winter by living here in Tampa, where I can train, but I still get to attend a great school like Columbia [University]," Hawkins said. The article states that Hawkins flies to New York City every Thursday for a full workload of classes before landing back home at 1:00 AM each Friday.

Hawkins has previously expressed his desire to be involved with a front office in sports, which is why he is pursuing a Masters in Sports Management. He took two online classes during the regular season, and presumably had more time to spend on them with the two concussions he suffered. He will continue his current workload of courses leading up to Browns training camp. This past season, Hawkins expressed how he had researched concussions for a year and at one point was hoping to make a movie similar to the one that was just released this past December.

We wish Hawkins the best in his offseason pursuit, and hope that Hue Jackson helps him find his niche again in 2016 as one of the league's better slot receivers.