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How Would the Cleveland Browns Look as a Vehicle?

We've seen re-designed NFL logos many times, thanks to David Rappoccio of The Draw Play. Now, though,
Scott Huntington has gone the vehicle route, saying, "If there’s two things that go great together, it’s cars and sports." Some of Scott's concepts are based on recent events, while others represent a callback to the history of the team.

The vehicle used for the Cleveland Browns' is a mixture of both with the choice of a Volkswagen Jetta TDI, as Scott says, "both [the car maker and the Browns] wish they could take this past year back." Who knows, though -- maybe the events that transpired will set this franchise up to be in better shape long-term, with the revamped analytical front office, Hue Jackson as the team's new head coach, and likely a new franchise quarterback at No. 2 overall.

Browns Car

How fitting do you think the choice for the Browns is? And, be sure to check out the 31 other teams' designs, which are definitely more flashy, and let us know what your favorites are.