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Kevin Kiley Resigns from 92.3 the Fan

Kevin Kiley, the local radio host who had controversial opinions about women, announced Thursday evening that he submitted his resignation letter to 92.3 the Fan back in November, effective for the end of February. He noted that by announcing this on television, maybe he wouldn't be back at all, implying that the station would not let him on the airwaves again. That appears to be the case, as on Friday morning, Ken Carman hosted the show with producer J.G. Spooner filling in as his sidekick.

You can listen to Kiley's resignation in the video below:

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Mid-way through last year, the station fired Kiley's partner, Chuck Booms, and replaced him with the beloved Carman. I was never really fond of listening to Kiley with Booms, but I enjoyed him a lot more in recent months, which I believe to be a tribute to Carman. You can read more about Kiley's demise over at Crain's magazine.

The question now is, "who should be Carman's new co-host?" He can no doubt host a show on his own, as he did at night for several years and still does nationally. However, I anticipate the station not going that route for the morning slot. In previous trial runs, Anthony Lima has paired well with Carman, and he's been angling for a full-time gig for years. Spooner should also be viewed as a candidate, but why not just have him remain as producer for the trio of Carman-Lima-Spooner? Some fans suggested that Kenny Kidd move to the morning slot, and while that sounds fantastic, I really can't advocate him having to replace another person's job [Spooner] who didn't do anything wrong.

What do you think, DBN fans?