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PFF Re-Evaluates the Browns' 2010 NFL Draft

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Montario Hardesty used to be a thing.
Montario Hardesty used to be a thing.
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Back in 2010, the Cleveland Browns landed CB Joe Haden and SS T.J. Ward with their first- and second-round picks. Given how both players turned out, one would think that a re-grade of that year's draft would not be too bad, right?

Pro Football Focus re-graded every team's draft from 2010, and for their cumulative grade, Cleveland came in 15th in the NFL. The grades are supposed to be cumulative for the time that player spent with the team since 2010. So, for example, the Browns have gotten credit for Haden from 2010-2015, but for Ward, his grades from 2014-2015 were not factored in.

7. Cleveland Browns

Cumulative grade (seven picks): +67.6

Best pick: CB Joe Haden (round 1, pick 7, +47 cumulative grade)

Haden delivered positively-graded seasons every year since entering the league, and has earned two Pro Bowl nods along with one second-team All-Pro. Safety T.J. Ward (round 2, pick 38, +42.1 cumulative grade) also delivered over his four seasons in Cleveland before leaving in free agency for Denver.

Worst pick: RB Montario Hardesty (round 2, pick 59, -13.8 cumulative grade)

The second-rounder is another in what feels like a long line of Cleveland RB busts.

The Browns' other picks were QB Colt McCoy, OG Shawn Lauvao, S Larry Asante, WR Carlton Mitchell, and DE Clifton Geathers. The Patriots received the highest grade, thanks to TE Rob Gronkowski, who carries a ridiculous grade of +167.4 for a second-round pick.