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PFF: Which Browns Are Among the Top 75 Free Agents?

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The Cleveland Browns have six unrestricted free agents this year: WR Travis Benjamin, RT Mitchell Schwartz, ILB Tank Carder, ILB Craig Robertson, FS Tashaun Gipson, and CB Johnson Bademosi. How many of them would appear in Pro Football Focus' list of the top 75 free agents in the NFL? Just two of them -- Schwartz and Gipson.

There is a balance to wanting your teams' players to be ranked on such a prestigious list. On one hand, you might feel good if a free agent is the top free agent in the NFL, because it exudes a sense of pride that your team is associated with a great player. On the other hand, the higher they are ranked, that means you are going to have to pay them a massive contract or watch another team pry the player away.

Schwartz is ranked at No. 33 and Gipson is ranked at No. 38. Here is what PFF had to say about each of them:

33. Mitchell Schwartz, OT

Schwartz has been good in pass protection, but the sheer number of dropbacks have made his pressure totals look worse than his overall efficiency. He’s a reliable player who has not missed a snap in his four-year career.

38. Tashuan Gipson, S

In every free agent market, there are players who have fantastic highs, but dreadful lows. Gipson might be the best example of that this offseason. He was a top-10 coverage safety two years ago, but dropped all the way into the bottom 10 in 2015.

Perhaps each player is close enough to the second tier of free agents for Cleveland to be able to re-sign them. At the same time, if players higher on the list are re-signed by their current teams before March 9th, then Schwartz and Gipson will become more in-demand on the free agent market.