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Notes on a Couple of Former Members of the Browns' Front Office

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

According to Football Scoop, the Philadelphia Eagles are hiring Brendan Donovan to join their scouting staff. The news is relevant to the Cleveland Browns because he was previously a member of the team's front office. He was hired as a college scout in 2013 when Joe Banner was the team's CEO. In 2014, when Ray Farmer became the general manager, Donovan survived the regime change and was promoted to the position of College Coordinator. He was still listed on the team's website in that position in January, but has since been removed.

The Browns have also appeared to let go of Brian Decker, who was hired as the team's Player Personnel Strategist in January 2014. He described his position as being "the principle advisor to the General Manager on all matters related to the talent acquisition and management strategies." According to his LinkedIn page, he is now self-employed, and is also no longer on the team website.