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Who do Experts Think the Cleveland Browns Will Draft at No. 2 Overall?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Over at SB Nation, Adam Stites had compiled an awesome visual to get a sense of who mock draft experts are projecting teams to select with their first-round picks. As of this post, 45 mock drafts were used to tabulate the data. Of those mock drafts, there are only three players the experts see as candidates to go No. 1 overall to the Tennessee Titans:

The growing sense is that the Titans will pass on DE Joey Bosa and select OT Laremy Tunsil. While many Ohio State fans would like to see the Browns get Bosa, they are predominantly expected to grab a quarterback:

62.2% of the mock drafts have the Browns taking QB Jared Goff, followed by QB Carson Wentz (22.4%), QB Paxton Lynch (8.9%), and then DE Joey Bosa (4.4%). The pie charts will automatically update with updated mock drafts leading up to the actual draft, so we'll continue to monitor the change in opinions over the next few weeks.