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Chris Tabor Talks About Staying in Cleveland Again and the Plan for Travis Coons

Cleveland Browns special teams coach Chris Tabor met with the media this past week for 11 minutes. Tabor has survived many different coaching regimes and just keeps on chugging along. You can watch the video of the entire presser here. Here are some notes we gathered from his press conference:

Remaining in Cleveland

Tabor started the presser by having fun and chuckling at the fact that he's on his fourth head coach, fourth general manager, and second owner since being in Cleveland. Every time a coaching change happens, he usually talks with his family about possibly having to pack up and move elsewhere, with the expectation that he won't be retained, since that's the norm in the league. He feels blessed to have been retained so many times, though.

Thoughts on Hue Jackson

"He's very direct -- you know exactly what needs to be done."

Travis Coons Trying to Improve in Year Two

Tabor said he talked to players the Monday that Mike Pettine was being let go, so you really didn't know what your future was and if you'd be coaching these players in 2016. He did say he briefly talked to K Travis Coons about what he could improve on if he or somebody else coached him next season.

To avoid the blocked kicks specifically, Tabor said Coons needs to improve with his lift on the football, and he believes the strength of his overall leg will come here in year two. Tabor cited the Chiefs' Cairo Santos as an example because as a rookie, he didn't have touchbacks but got up into the 40s in year two. He also said that at the end of a 20-game season, especially early in their career, kickers start to wear down a bit.

Advocating for Players

When asked if he needs to vouch for a player like WR Travis Benjamin to stay since he's seen what he can do on special teams, he said, "not really," and that a player who produces like that usually speaks for itself. Regarding other players, when coaching special teams, Tabor said you understand that you're going to have to deal with new players every year and then work with them, so he doesn't have to get involved in things above his pay grade [with regards to vouching for talent].