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Mike Mayock: Browns Should Draft Jared Goff

Jared Goff is the better option for the Browns according to Mike Mayock.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Two camps have emerged among NFL Draft junkies and team executives: Team Jared and Team Wentz.

Count NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock firmly in Team Wentz.

However, the draft analyst believes Jared Goff would be the better fit for the Cleveland Browns.

Mayock talked quarterbacks during an appearance on the Rich Eisen Show on Monday. The former CBS and NBC analyst focused on the choice between Jared Goff and Carson Wentz.

Mayock began his interview by speaking about discussing the differences between Wentz and Goff, both talented, but very different quarterbacks.

"The first piece of it is some people are Wentz guys, some people are Goff guys around the league. If you're a Goff guy, it's because he's more polished and ready to go day one. He's got beautiful pocket awareness, really good feet, the ball comes out quickly with a quick release, he's accurate with good arm strength.

"If you're Cleveland at No. 2, and you're looking for a quarterback ready to go on day one, he's the more logical guy today."

Mayock then vouched for Wentz, a player he feels can be developed into a great quarterback.

"I look at Carson Wentz, 6'5 1/2 235 [pounds], and he's as good or better of an athlete than Andrew Luck. He has a big arm, he's been under center. He's only started 23 games, and people are going to kill him for being in a Division I-AA program, but I see a guy, who in 2-3 years from now, the ceiling is unlimited. I have him at No. 1 because I love his upside. I'm scared to death that we rarely develop quarterbacks in our league anymore, which makes me worry."

Outside of the top three, the consensus among draftniks is the quality of prospects drops significantly.

Mayock did not stray from this narrative, mentioning Lynch and Cook as lesser options.

"If not Goff or Wentz, depending on what you're looking for today, it's Paxton Lynch from Memphis who reminds me of Joe Flacco coming out of Delaware. [Lynch] has a big arm. I spent three hours with him last week in Orlando watching tape with him and watching him throw the ball. And then the fourth guy with potential and first-round talent is Connor Cook. But Rich, people are questioning a lot of stuff about him, and I think he's taken on some water already, and I think he made a mistake for him not playing in the Senior Bowl."

Interestingly enough, Mayock seems to have a beef with Cook. Mayock talked very negatively of the Michigan State product.

"He had accepted the Senior Bowl [invite] and declined after that. It felt like he could have dealt with a lot of this stuff in Mobile and gotten it over with. So he could have come to the Combine clean and ready to compete. And he should have, in my opinion, this is more important than the other stuff, why wouldn't he want to stand next to Carson Wentz and show this kid from North Dakota State that, 'Hey, I'm better than you.' It's competition. That's what we're looking for. The guy never had 60 percent or higher completion rate in college, there's a whole cast of things. All of this stuff, I would have loved to have seen the kid come to the Senior Bowl and say, 'Look, folks, I'm the No. 1 quarterback in this draft, and here's why. And when he didn't do that, I think he opened himself up to more conversation."

The primary takeaway from Mayock's interview with Eisen? The Browns should take Goff.

I'm inclined to agree with Mayock's analysis on this particular topic, but Wentz also has plenty of promise. What do you think? Tell us if you're Team Jared or Team Carson in the comments section below.