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Connor Cook Meets With Browns at NFL Combine

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Michigan State QB Connor Cook met with the Cleveland media around noon on Thursday, where he said that he was scheduled to meet with the Browns at night:

Cook is projected to be a second-round pick in this year's draft. By the end of the NFL Combine, though, Cook hopes his stock can rise to the top of his class:

(Do you think you can exit here at the top of the quarterback class?): "I believe so. I think there are a lot of misconceptions about me, and I think I can settle those in the team meetings, with the coaches, with the GMs. Let them know who I am as a person, get up on the board, show them I can draw up anything versus a certain defense. Dial the blitz, I can redirect the protection to pick it up. Anything that I can do to show them that I’m not just a good football player, but I’m mentally sound, I know the game inside and out, and that I’m just a complete football player."

(What do you think those misconceptions are?): "That I’m a cocky football player, arrogant, stuff like that. And it couldn’t be further from the truth. That’s why I’m  looking forward to sitting down with these teams and let them find out who the real Connor Cook is. That I’m a nice, humble, hard-working kid."