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Report: Browns Informally Met With QB Cody Kessler

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

According to Tony Cartagena of ESPN Cleveland, the Cleveland Browns informally met with USC QB Cody Kessler on Thursday:

Kessler is projected to be a seventh-round pick or an undrafted free agent, but the Browns might be looking for two quarterbacks in this year's class. Kessler talked about his strengths and whether he'd be fine being a backup in the NFL:

(How will your game translate in the NFL?): "The mental side for me is obviously big. Recognizing defenses. Obviously everyone can throw, everyone can play at the next level and has the arm to make it. But for me I always wanted to be a step ahead of everyone on the mental side of it. Along with my accuracy and my decision making. That’s something we were graded on at USC, and I love watching guys like Drew Brees who is so efficient with the football. His completion percentage is always in the upper 60s. I always wanted to model my game after guys that make the right plays and made good decisions. That’s something I want to bring with me in the NFL."

(How would you feel about being a backup): "Whoever is in there, whether it’s a veteran or a younger guy, you want to compete for a spot. You don’t want to come in and settle for being a backup or a three. But at the same time it’s very beneficial to come in there and learn from a guy who knows the system and has been in there for a while."