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QB Paxton Lynch Meets With Browns at NFL Combine

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Memphis QB Paxton Lynch told Mary Kay Cabot of the Plain Dealer on Friday that he was scheduled to meet with the Browns that night, and that they'd be the first team he'd be meeting with:

Lynch is projected to be a first- or second-round pick in this year's draft, although some feel there is an outside chance he could be the Browns' pick at No. 2 overall. At the NFL Combine, Lynch was asked about his medical concerns, and also talked about how his size is an asset:

(We heard your physical exams dragged on yesterday -- Why?): "I had an issue with my left knee and my right knee and an issue with my AC joint. When I hurt my AC joint back in my redshirt sophomore year of college in Cincinnati, I didn't realize that I had, I think they said it was just a small fracture in my clavicle. So that popped up on the X-ray, but it was heal. But there was just some like piece of the bone I guess just floating around in there. So it spooked a team or two, I think, and that's why they requested the MRIs and all that. But I mean I didn't miss a game or a practice or a single throw because of it, and none of those injuries bother me today. I'm 100 percent, so I was more than willing to do what they need me to do."

(At 6-7, how does size help you?): "Obviously seeing defenses a little more clearly, but I know the height difference will be a lot different in the NFL than it was in college. In the NFL, all those guys are just freaks. They're huge. Cam Newton's basically playing every position in the NFL. Those guys are so big. But I think having the height that I have, I'm able to see the field a little bit easier than some guys that aren't as tall. But the flip side of that is guys can see you just as easy."