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Breakdown: Cleveland Browns Have About $42.368 Million in Available Cap Space

We present a full breakdown of the Cleveland Browns' cap space situation after the NFL announced the league-wide salary cap of $155.27 million.

Jason Miller/Getty Images

On Friday, it was reported that the NFL salary cap for the 2016 season will be set at $155.27 million, which is $11.99 million more than it was in 2015. The projections are pretty much in line with what we've been using to project the Cleveland Browns' available cap space over the past few weeks, but let's get the latest tally anyway.

A few days ago, the NFLPA confirmed that the Browns will have $20,734,144 in carryover cap space. Over The Cap has the team's net adjustment as a credit of $625,000; that is the dollar amount added or reduced for things like contract escalators that weren't likely to be reached. When you combine the carryover amount with the NFL salary cap, the Browns' adjusted salary cap is around $176,629,144.

Let's break all of these numbers down in a more formalized manner:

NFL 2016 Salary Cap (Confirmed): $155.270 million
Browns' Rollover from 2015:
$20.734 million
Browns' Adjustments from 2015:
Browns' 2016 Adjusted Salary Cap: $155.270 million + $20.734 million + $0.625 million = $176.629 million

Browns' Top 51 Cap Total: $132.647 million
Browns' Dead Money for 2016: $1.614 million
Browns' Total Cap Spent for 2016: $132.647 million + $1.614 million = $134.261 million

When you subtract the two subtotals above ($176.629 million - 134.261 million), we conclude that the Browns have "$42.368 million in cap space" as of February 27th. The calculation does not factor in WR Josh Gordon yet, since he is suspended still. If he is re-instated, his cap figure would be $1.068 million, but it would only increase the Browns' cap by $618,406.