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Complete List of the Cleveland Browns' Coaching Staff

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Browns officially announced eight more hirings on their coaching staff Monday. All of these hirings had been reported through back channels over the past couple of weeks, but now that they are official, we can look at a full list of all of the coaches that have been confirmed hires, along with a quick snapshot of which teams the coaches were last with. The confirmed hires on Monday are noted with an asterisk, and some commentary is provided beneath that category. For commentary on all previously-announced hires, go here.

Head Coach: Hue Jackson (Cincinnati)


Associate Head Coach: Pep Hamilton (Indianapolis)
Senior Assistant / Wide Receivers: Al Saunders (Tennessee)
Run Game Coordinator / Running Backs: Kirby Wilson (Minnesota)
Tight Ends: Greg Seamon (Cincinnati)
Offensive Line: Hal Hunter (Indianpolis)
Assistant Offensive Line: Mark Hutson (Eastern Illinois)
Offensive Quality Control: Bob Saunders (Cleveland)
Offensive Quality Control: Rock Cartwright (Pittsburgh)*

Speaking on Cartwright, head coach Hue Jackson said:

"I was part of the process that drafted Rock coming out of Kansas State," Jackson said. "I was with him for two seasons in Washington and then when I was with the Raiders, we brought him to Oakland. He was a tremendous football player and he was always a team leader. He is a detailed, organized perfectionist who likes to push. I think he will do a great job with Kirby (Wilson) and help our young running backs get better."


Defensive Coordinator: Ray Horton (Tennessee)
Defensive Line: Robert Nunn (New York Giants)*
Assistant Defensive Line: Ken Delgado (Western Kentucky)*
Inside Linebackers: Johnny Holland (Saskatchewan)*
Outside Linebackers: Ryan Slowik (New York Jets)*
Defensive Backs: Louie Cioffi (Tennessee)*
Assistant Defensive Backs: Cannon Matthews (Tennessee)*
Defensive Quality Control: Eric Sanders (Stanford)*

Speaking on the defensive line coaches:

"Robert Nunn is one of the finest defensive line coaches in all of pro football," Jackson sad. "We have a relationship that extends back to our days with the Washington Redskins. He coached in Super Bowls with the New York Giants and has coached some tremendous players."

"This will be Ken Delgado’s first opportunity to coach in the National Football League," Jackson said. "I have a relationship with him prior, we go way back and I have watched him teach at so many different places. I know that he is a guy who is going to help teach that room how to play defensive line."

Speaking on the linebacker coaches:

"Johnny Holland is a seasoned veteran coach," Jackson said. "He played in this league and has had success as a player and a coach. He is a very passionate demanding teacher. I know without any question he is going to get the best out of our linebackers."

"Ryan Slowik is an up and coming bright young coach," Jackson said. "I think he has tremendous upside as a young coach in this profession. He has been with the Jets, Cardinals and Broncos. I think the sky is the limit for him."

"Eric Sanders was our offensive quality control coach when I was with the Raiders," Jackson said. "I have always wanted to get him back with me. He is hard working and great at analyzing things. He is coming from Stanford and they have a tremendous program. He will help with our linebackers."

Speaking on the secondary coaches:

"Louie Cioffi and Cannon Matthews were both with Ray here in Cleveland and also in Tennessee," Jackson said. "I think it was very important to get continuity on that side. These guys have been around Ray, and I think that is important. They understand the system and know how things are laid out. I think anytime that you can have coaches that you have worked with, you have an opportunity to hit the ground running. Me and Louie worked together in Cincinnati a while back so I know what kind of football coach he is. Cannon is going to be the assistant secondary coach and he will do a tremendous job."

Special Teams

Special Teams: Chris Tabor (Cleveland)
Special Teams Assistant: Shawn Mennenga (Cleveland)
Special Teams Quality Control: Stan Watson (Cleveland)

Strength and Conditioning

Director, High Performance: Adam Beard (Cleveland)
Strength and Conditioning: Vacant?
Assistant Strength and Conditioning: Vacant?
Assistant Strength and Conditioning: Vacant?