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Report: Browns Among Three Teams Trying to Trade for QB Colin Kaepernick

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

On Thursday, the news broke that the Cleveland Browns are among the three teams trying to acquire QB Colin Kaepernick from the San Francisco 49ers. Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee says the Denver Broncos are still the frontrunners to land Kaepernick after losing QB Brock Osweiler to the Houston Texans, but notes that the Browns and the New York Jets are also involved. Other reports corroborated the Browns' interest shortly thereafter:

If the Browns trade for Kaepernick, there would be reason to believe that they'd opt to pass on the likes of QB Jared Goff and QB Carson Wentz with the No. 2 overall pick, and instead go for a project quarterback -- like QB Cardale Jones -- in one of the later rounds.

What type of compensation would it take for the Browns to get Kaepernick? If they really wanted him, they could most certainly get him for the No. 32 overall pick, but that is too much of a premium for me. The Broncos' second round pick is very late, which is almost equal to the Browns' third round pick. Could that be what it takes for Kaepernick?

While Day 1 of free agency was quiet for the Browns, the early indications seem like we're going to be on Kaepernick watch for Day 2.