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So Long: Browns Cut Johnny Manziel, Ending the Quarterback's Dismal Time in Cleveland

Jason Miller/Getty Images

We can now officially say "former" Cleveland Browns quarterback when it comes to Johnny Manziel. Even though they didn't do it as quickly as expected, the Browns waived the former first overall pick on Friday. It was a move that the team practically spelled out weeks ago, but it is believed that the team held on to him for an extra two days to see if a team might be interested in trading a conditional draft pick for him in the new league year. Some also wondered if the team would hang on to him in hopes that he would be suspended so they could then recoup some of his bonus money.

Instead, the Browns decided to just distance themselves from Manziel. Excitement was in the air when the team drafted him in 2014, but he was very ill-prepared as a rookie. His commitment to football seemed to improve in 2015 after an offseason stint in rehab, but things fell apart during the season when he was named the team's starting quarterback. He lied to the team about his whereabouts during the bye week and tried to cover it up. He disappeared after having a concussion at the end of the year and would not respond to phone calls from the team. There were a bunch of other incidents, but the final straw came with him being under investigation for assaulting his girlfriend.

By cutting Manziel, the team absorbs a $4.333 million cap hit in 2016. It would've been cheaper this year to keep him, but that's the price they were willing to pay to disassociate Manziel from the franchise once and for all. Here at Dawgs By Nature, we'll still cover a few Manziel-related headlines in the future, though, if they are topical to the franchise.