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Browns Have 10 Picks in the 2016 NFL Draft

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

A couple of days ago, the NFL officially announced compensatory picks for the 2016 NFL Draft. Our projections were correct, as the Cleveland Browns were awarded three compensatory picks -- one in the fourth round and two in the fifth round.

According to, "this is the first time Cleveland has received a compensatory draft pick since 2012,  and the first time the team has ever received a compensatory pick higher than the sixth round." Since 1994, the Browns have received the fewest compensatory picks (9) of any team in the NFL. Meanwhile, a team like the Ravens have received the most (47) during that time span.

The full order of the 2016 NFL Draft is now known. The Browns' ten selections are below:

List of Browns 2016 NFL Draft Picks

  • 1st Round (No. 2 overall) - 2nd pick of round
  • 2nd Round (No. 32 overall) - 1st pick of round
  • 3rd Round (No. 65 overall) - 2nd pick of round
  • 4th Round (No. 99 overall) - 1st pick of round
  • 4th Round (No. 138 overall) - 40th pick of round*
  • 5th Round (No. 141 overall) - 2nd pick of round
  • 5th Round (No. 172 overall) - 33rd pick of round*
  • 5th Round (No. 173 overall) - 34th pick of round*
  • 6th Round (No. 176 overall) - 1st pick of round
  • 7th Round (No. 223 overall) - 2nd pick of round

*Awarded via compensatory picks; cannot be traded.

If the Browns are able to swing a deal for QB Colin Kaepernick, it is rumored that they would give up their 3rd round pick at No. 65 overall. That means the team would only have one pick on Day 2 of the draft when teams. However, with the attractive early-round ammunition they have in rounds 4-5, they might be able to move back up to get themselves two picks on Day 2, and less picks on Day 3, if a Kaepernick deal were to happen.

As things stand right now, the Browns pick second on Day 1 (round 1), first on Day 2 (rounds 2-3), and first on Day 3 (rounds 4-7). The 2016 NFL Draft takes place from April 28-30.