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Carson Wentz Participates in Gruden QB Camp

Carson Wentz spent some time with respected quarterback guru Jon Gruden.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

March brings many annual rituals, including spring trainingMadness, and mock drafts.

Carson Wentz recently took center stage at another big tradition, Jon Gruden's Quarterback Camp.

The first round draft prospect linked to the Browns spent time with the former NFL head coach and quarterback guru, diagramming plays, watching film, doing drills, and more.

The quarterback out of North Dakota State, an FCS school, has been at the center of a great deal of draft debate. Outlets such as Bleacher Report and USA TODAY have called Wentz a "developmental quarterback."

Gruden doesn't seem to agree.

Personally, I think Gruden is crazy. An FCS quarterback who played seven games last season is ready for the big-time? And more ready than Jameis Winston, Marcus Mariota, and Derek Carr?

Regardless, Wentz showed off his smarts in the film room with Gruden.

Gruden then worked with the young quarterback on his technique.

And then there's also this interesting tidbit. Sometimes, I think Gruden is a little bit nuts.

Very strange.

Wentz seemed to like the experience, though, judging by the tweet he sent out Monday afternoon.

Sounds like Wentz's trip to Gruden's quarterback camp was a positive experience for the first round prospect.

Now, the question shifts to: Will Wentz be a Cleveland Brown come April? We'll soon find out.