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Cris Collinsworth's First Ever Mock Draft Has a Team Jumping Browns for Carson Wentz

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Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

On Tuesday, Cris Collinsworth, who is owner of Pro Football Focus, published his first mock draft of the year. As he shared on Twitter, though, this isn't just his first mock draft of the season, it's his first mock draft ever.

One of my favorite things about mock drafts is when they include something different, trying to predict the actual craziness that can unfold on draft day. And, just like when Jeff Fisher's club played a part in a team jumping the Browns for Robert Griffin III several years ago, he thinks the Los Angeles Rams could get ahead of Cleveland to select QB Carson Wentz at No. 1 overall. Collinsworth says, "Jared Goff is the better QB today, but teams won’t be able to pass on the physical traits that Carson Wentz brings to the table -- somebody will move ahead of Cleveland and get him."

He sees the quarterbacks going 1-2, so that means he has the Browns going with QB Jared Goff. Here's why:

Goff is the more NFL-ready quarterback right now. His movement skills inside the pocket are very impressive. He can read defenses, make off-balance throws, and think his way around the football field. Much like Jay Cutler, Goff had to play against better competition with lesser talent around him. Goff is not as physically impressive as Wentz — he is skinny, has small hands, and his arm strength doesn’t compare, but he is a very impressive QB whose skills are obvious on tape. Arm strength aside, his movement within the pocket and his creative throws remind me of Aaron Rodgers. While the combination of bad weather and small hands would scare me, I believe Cleveland has to take him here. Unless they’re willing to negotiate against themselves to trade up, they will probably land their second choice at QB. It all boils down to this: Is Cleveland willing to pass on better players in the draft to address the position they need most?

What do you think of Collinsworth's mock, Browns fans?