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Breakdown of OL Alvin Bailey's Contract With the Browns

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, we reported that Cleveland Browns OL Alvin Bailey had a three-year deal with $5 million in base salaries. The full, year-by-year contract details for Bailey are now available, per Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle. Bailey's year-by-year contract details and cap hits are illustrated below.

OL Alvin Bailey - Browns' Contract Breakdown
Base Salary Signing Bonus Roster Bonus Total Cap Hit
2016 $         1,000,000 $            333,333 $                      0
$         1,333,333
2017 $         2,000,000 $            333,333 $                      0 $         2,333,333
2018 $         2,000,000 $            333,334 $                      0 $         2,333,334
Total $         5,000,000 $         1,000,000
$                      0 $         6,000,000
  • Bailey's contract isn't very lucrative at $2 million per year. It's the type of low-risk signing that gives the Browns some insurance if they need a player with starting experience at several spots on the line to fill in or start at right tackle or one of the guard positions, depending on what the team does at center. Bailey's deal only includes $1 million in guarantees, which is his signing bonus.

  • There are a couple of other things that could happen to change this to a 3-year, $9.3 million deal. First, Bailey can earn up to $500,000 in incentives for 2016. Exactly what those incentives are, we don't know. Additionally, if he achieves certain feats (which are presently unknown), he can trigger $1.4 million escalators in his base salary for both 2017 and 2018. Either way, to get a 24-year old at this price is a pretty nice deal. Remember, the Browns once obtained John Greco on-the-cheap, and look how he turned out.

  • Bailey's cap hit for 2016 is fifth on on the team among offensive linemen, behind OT Joe Thomas, LG OG John Greco, OL Cameron Erving, and OG Joel Bitonio. It's amazing how quickly a player can rise up the cap hit ranking once two starters exit the picture.

  • Bailey's deal could potentially cost the Browns a fifth-round compensatory pick in 2017. However, if ILB Craig Robertson signs a contract with another team for what I anticipate would be a comparable average-per-year deal, then Robertson and Bailey will cancel each other out and, for now, preserve that fifth-round compensatory pick for WR Travis Benjamin.