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Browns Play Up Interest in Robert Griffin III, But Put an End to the Thought of Colin Kaepernick

Elsa/Getty Images

At the NFL owners meetings, the Cleveland Browns seem to be doing their best to quiet the thought of the team pursuing QB Colin Kaepernick while pumping up the possibility of adding QB Robert Griffin III to their roster.

When asked about Kaepernick, Executive VP of Football Operations Sashi Brown told reporters that the team's interest in him was "way over-reported." He indicated that the Browns were the ones who were contacted about Kaepernick, so naturally they had some "preliminary discussions" about a move, but that "it didn't go much further than that." The Browns are not actively engaged in trade talks for Kaepernick, and Brown confirms earlier reports that they never offered a draft pick or a new contract for the 49ers quarterback.

The tune was completely different when it came to RGIII, though, although that could have to do with the fact that he is a free agent while Kaepernick is not. In an article on, head coach Hue Jackson indicated that RGIII not only visited the Browns on Saturday (as previously reported), but on Friday too. He also praised his talent:

"It was a great meeting. I think he's obviously a tremendous talent and a great young man," Jackson told NFL Media's Steve Wyche. "He had a lot of success early in Washington and then things just didn't work out. Those things happen in the National Football League. But at the same time we are going through our process. We are going to be very diligent in what we are doing -- trying to make sure that we put the right quarterbacks on our football team and in that quarterback room. And that's one of my biggest responsibilities and also one of our organization's biggest responsibilities."

On Monday, Jackson told the local media that the team would continue to investigate the possibility of adding RGIII to the roster. What do you say, Browns fans? Do you hope the Browns sign RGIII?