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Fans Vote Johnny Manziel over Jim Brown in Best Browns Players Bracket

Browns fans have successfully trolled a fan-vote bracket.

Scott R. Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

Cleveland Browns fans are the best.

As is typical for this time of year, sites are hosting fan-vote tournaments to determine the best player in a franchise's history. is conducting one such bracket, and the Browns fans have wrecked it.

Cleveland fans have voted #16 seed Johnny Manziel over #1 seed Jim Brown in the tournament by a wide margin, 68% to 32%.

As Awful Announcing noticed, the former Browns quarterback with 7 NFL touchdowns to his name in three season easily defeated arguably the best running back of all time, and will advance to round two to face quarterback Brian Sipe.

The other brackets -- Indians, Cavaliers, and Ohio State players -- have not featured any upsets close to this one.

Chris McNeil, known on Twitter as @Reflog_18, orchestrated the upset with a Twitter campaign. As the Browns Twitter veteran told's Doug Lesmerises:

"The opportunity for a sixteen seed to upset a one seed is a once-in-a-lifetime type of thing. I used that message to get people pumped to do something great. I would expect Johnny to put this above his Heisman on his list of life achievements. Certainly the crowning achievement for Johnny Manziel in Cleveland.

"We were way behind early, but I knew the Johnny crowd (and Johnny himself) love themselves the social media. I went to Twitter and mobilized my followers and was able to get traction on a comeback. My biggest concern is the Johnny Manziels going Billy Manziel, but, if we stay focused, Johnny can win the whole thing. The establishment is scared of that outcome -- I have even heard talk of a brokered final. We can't worry about that at this point."

Even with McNeil's efforts, the quest to help Manziel win the tournament will be difficult. He faces the formidable Sipe in round two. The Kardiac Kid currently has a lead of 78% to 22% advantage.

Manziel will also face rule changes in round two, as Doug Lesmerises wrote:

"Adjustments are part of March, so expect some changes for round two, when Manziel will face No. 9 seed Brian Sipe. Among them - limiting fans to one vote per visit, after unlimited voting in the first round helped lead to the Manziel shocker."

Want to vote for Manziel or another pairing in the bracket? You can do so here.