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Roger Goodell to Receive Update on Josh Gordon Next Week

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

During his press conference on Wednesday at the NFL owners meetings, a reporter asked Roger Goodell if he could provide any updates on the reinstatement request for Cleveland Browns WR Josh Gordon. Here is what he had to say:

"Roger, could you give us an update on a decision on Josh Gordon's reinstatement? It's been over 60 days since he applied."

Goodell: "I actually have scheduled when I get back to New York sometime in the next week or so to get an update on that. Our staff has been working on it, we're obviously aware of it and they have been working on it. As soon as we have the opportunity to see that, we'll make a judgement, but no decision yet."

That doesn't provide us with much concrete information, but it at least tips us off that the earliest we might hear something about Gordon is next week. The Browns' offseason program begins the following week, so it'd be great if the team could have Gordon in the mix by then.