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Robert Griffin III's film room may shock you

Last night, Cian Fahey (of Football Outsiders and B/R fame) published a series of short GIFs that showed off RG3 operating an offense in less than ideal situations. Today, he publishes those same shots in an article that should inspire hope in a fan base that has been long suffering and waiting for a high-upside project.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

It's pretty easy to make a quarterback look exceptionally good by selectively choosing a few plays to describe their capability.

It's also a well known fact that at Dawgsbynature, I was a huge proponent of the Browns doing what was necessary to get into position to draft Robert Griffin III in 2012.

Browns fans should be excited for the acquisition of RG3. The opportunity to improve the capability and ceiling of your QB room in free agency is a rare feat, and the landscape is typically littered with QBs that have a high floor and a low ceiling, and are only brought in to stabilize the play of the position while directing assets and energy elsewhere. RG3 was signed today to an exceptionally low-risk contract that will pay out healthy sums of money for an exceptional season.

Griffin's knee and ankle injuries may have sapped some of the sheer explosiveness he displayed at Baylor, where his track star speed and elite quickness vaulted him to the Heisman trophy. His success at the NFL level was never going to be tied to his ability to be a true dual-threat QB, though; with his slight frame, RG3 was going to have to eventually settle in as a pocket passer. Fortunately, Griffin has an absolute hose, and with the proper direction, could blossom in a role he hasn't had much experience in.

From Cian's writeup, which can be found here and should be considered a "must read" for Browns fans.

A common criticism of Griffin is that he can’t read through progressions. It’s the go-to move for those intent on criticizing black quarterbacks. It goes completely against the evidence on the field

When Griffin gets time in the pocket he does show off that he has the ability to use it. He also shows off an understanding of down-and-distance, understanding when to get rid of the ball to best exploit the defensive play call.

Where Griffin can separate himself from those players is with his precision as a passer.

Give it a read, Browns fans.