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Phil Dawson Had Reportedly Been Interested in a Return to Cleveland

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this month, I fantasized a bit about K Phil Dawson re-uniting with the Cleveland Browns. It would have been a very tough decision for the Browns to make, given K Travis Coons' success as a first-year player. However, I wondered if somewhere deep in analytical studies if the notion that the ability to make long field goals and be better on kickoffs is the difference between winning and losing a handful of games. After a couple days in to free agency, though, the 49ers re-signed Dawson, and that was that.

Several weeks later, though, Tom Reed of the Plain Dealer unleashed this nugget: Dawson was interested in returning to the Browns this offseason.

It is unclear whether Dawson ever formally approached the Browns to gauge their interest, or if an offer was ever made. Dawson only struck a 1-year deal with the 49ers, though, so maybe there is hope for 2017. Dawson also announced today that he will wear No. 4 again this year: