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56% of Browns Fans Want Cleveland to Either Cut or Trade Josh McCown

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

A few days ago, we asked Cleveland Browns fans whether the team should retain QB Josh McCown in 2016, or move on from him (either by cutting him or via a trade). The results are in:

After nearly 2,000 votes, only 44% of fans wish to keep McCown, which would likely mean a three-quarterback system (Robert Griffin III, whoever the team drafts, and McCown). One of those fans in support of retaining McCown, aszabo1, said, "Why would you go into a season with one quarterback who has never started an NFL game and another who hasn’t started a game in two years? I could see doing this in a desperate situation, but for a few million we could keep a guy who was productive last season."

Actually, if you read the rest of the comments in the thread, there is overwhelming support for McCown. The support would lead you to believe that most fans would want McCown to be retained. This is a case where the silent majority win out, though, as 56% of the fan vote says the team needs to either cut or trade him. Some members asked why I didn't have three options -- "keep, cut, or trade." The reason is because if I listed either "cut" and "trade" as seperate choices, there isn't a single reason why a fan should choose "cut" over "trade." If there are no trade suitors, though, the team might face a decision on whether to cut him or not. Remember, if you keep McCown, then for roster spot purposes, you are probably saying goodbye to both Austin Davis and Connor Shaw, or perhaps another young quarterback in camp.