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Jerry Jones Throws High Praise Toward Jimmy Haslam

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

This morning, Steve Doerschuk of the Canton Repository posted a story about comments that Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones made about Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam at the Canton Regional Chamber of Commerce Wednesday night. If you remember how WR Dwayne Bowe was over-the-top with his praise for QB Josh McCown, WR Terrelle Pryor, and WR Taylor Gabriel last year, Jones pretty much did the equivalent of that when speaking about Haslam.

"Jimmy Haslam came into the league as one of the very best owners that we have. I'd put him in the top five. Right now. I recognize that he hasn't had the success. Not everybody does early on. We didn't have early success. But he's firing at it. He's committed. He works just as hard at this as with anything he's ever done."

Jones never shies away from speaking outside-the-box, as he recently stated that it's absurd to think there is a link between CTE and football. There's no doubt that Haslam has had a hand in a lot of the Browns' decisions, and that, whether those decisions have been right or wrong, might be what Jones likes about him. Last year, Jason La Canfora claimed a team source said, "Jimmy is way too hands on -- he's like Jerry Jones, only without the football knowledge." Haslam has already been through three different regime changes in his short time as owner, with the recent endeavor seeing him commit to a unique analytical approach.