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OSU DE Joey Bosa Works Out for the Browns

Joey Bosa stopped by Berea on Thursday.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

A terrible 2015 season for the Cleveland Browns defense has led to a clamor for more dynamic edge rushers.

Joey Bosa, one of the best pass rushers in the 2016 NFL Draft, visited the Browns on Thursday.

The Browns do not talk about visits, but ESPN Cleveland's Tony Grossi confirmed the news on Twitter.

An Ohio State product, Bosa is universally considered the best edge rusher in the draft. Mock drafts have slated Bosa to many different teams, but the 6'6, 259 pounder will likely be gone by #10.

Bosa wowed allies and adversaries alike during his spectacular 3-year career. The Fort Lauderdale, Florida native compiled 148 tackles, 51 tackles for loss, and 26 sacks as a Buckeye. Bosa finished his junior year with 51 tackles, 16 tackles for loss, and 5 sacks. He had a remarkable 13.5 sacks as a sophomore.

Bosa brings a lot to the table for whatever team drafts him. The 20 year old combines great hands and speed with remarkable technique. As his draft profile states, Bosa has the perfect frame for a pass rusher and can also defend the run.

However, some are skeptical, such as Bleacher Report's Justis Mosqueda and retired NFL defensive end Stephen White. As White wrote for SB Nation in February:

"Bosa, for me, is a little too robotic and stiff in the hips like a machine (get it?), especially when he is out in space. He's fine as long as he can do everything like he practiced it, probably a gazillion times, but when it's not as clear cut, he isn't as successful. Don't get me wrong, he was a fantastic college football player. His combination of good technique, size and power gave him some distinct advantages over a lot of the guys who tried to block him at that level. Unfortunately for Bosa, once he gets on the next level that will rarely be the case."

Read the full article here and decide for yourself. Without a doubt, Bosa is a supremely talented player, but is he worth the #2 pick?

Ultimately, the final decision belongs to the Browns. Will the club pull the trigger on the former Buckeye?