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Alec Scheiner Out as President of the Cleveland Browns

On Friday, the Cleveland Browns announced that, effective March 31, 2016, Alec Scheiner is "stepping away from his role as President and will continue to serve as a consultant to the team through the end of 2016." Scheiner has been with the Browns since January 2013; owner Jimmy and Dee Haslam offered these comments in light of Scheiner's departure:

"We greatly appreciate Alec's commitment and work as President of the Cleveland Browns," said Browns Owners Dee and Jimmy Haslam. "Alec is extremely capable and has helped us establish some very positive inroads with a significant focus on our fan experience, FirstEnergy Stadium and our business partners. He was integral to the rebuild of our organization, the renovations of our stadium and training facility, and many of our strategies on the football side of our business. His guidance has helped us accelerate our learning curve as NFL owners and that is something we will always appreciate. Alec is ready for the next challenge in his career, as our new structure would limit the opportunity for his leadership. He is one of the most talented executives in the industry, and we are fully confident that Alec will be successful in whatever permanent role he takes next. We wish him and his family only the best."

Scheiner offered the following:

"I have had an incredible experience with the Browns," said Scheiner. "Cleveland is amazing and the fans are uniquely passionate. I want to thank Dee and Jimmy Haslam for the opportunity to do what I truly love: rebuilding an organization with a group of people who have shown unparalleled hard work, commitment to their team and city. I look forward to helping the Browns over the next several months as I determine my next challenge."

Scheiner was behind a lot of the team's business initiatives over the past few years, gaining more exposure after former CEO Joe Banner was let go. However, he became a controversial figure last year, with the following headlines related to him:

Former writer Kevin Jones offered the following:

Scheiner was not included in the search for a head coach or general manager this offseason, showing a steep decline in his presume role as part of the front office restructuring. We'll provide more news as it comes along, as some fans will surely fantasize that this paves the way for Peyton Manning to enter the mix in the future.