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Josh Gordon Hanging Out With Johnny Manziel at UFC 196

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Cleveland Browns fans, and presumably the organization, are excited about the prospects of getting WR Josh Gordon back. He applied for his reinstatement to the NFL on or around January 20, 2016. The NFL has 60 days to make a decision on his reinstatement, the deadline of which would be March 20, 2016. It seems as though the NFL will wait until at least the new league year (March 9) until they make a ruling.

The thing that can't be seen as good news is the fact that Gordon was spotted hanging out with QB Johnny Manziel at UFC 196 last night:

During his one-year ban, Gordon has made no secret about the fact that he likes Manziel. If the two want to remain friends down the line, that's fine. However, it doesn't seem like the wisest of decisions at this point in time for Gordon to be hanging out with a guy who is under investigation for assaulting his girlfriend and has been rumored to be under drug and/or alcohol influence. (Manziel might have been caught smoking weed on camera recently too). Gordon basically wore his association with Manziel as a badge of honor:

Let's hope that seeing each other at the fight was the extent of their engagement with each other. Manziel also shared a photo with he and Broncos OLB Von Miller. Here is another photo of Manziel and Gordon together.