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Browns' Adjusted Team Salary Cap Officially Confirmed by NFLPA

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

On Monday, the NFLPA officially released a statement highlighting the amount of each team's salary cap for the 2016 league year:

The amounts are very similar to our previous projection, but overall, the Browns' available cap space now tips slightly over $50 million. Here are the updated figures:

Confirmed by NFLPA

NFL 2016 Salary Cap: $155.270 million
Browns' Rollover from 2015:
$20.734 million
Browns' Adjustments from 2015:
Browns' 2016 Adjusted Salary Cap: $155.270 million + $20.734 million + $0.682 million = $176.686 million

Estimated by Over the Cap

Browns' Top 51 Cap Total: $125.022 million
Browns' Dead Money for 2016: $1.614 million
Browns' Total Cap Spent for 2016: $125.022 million + $1.614 million = $126.636 million

When you subtract the two subtotals above ($176.686 million - 126.636 million), we conclude that the Browns have "$50.05 million in cap space" as of March 7th.